The Mississippi Arts Commission is a community partner this year with Storycorps. As a community partner, they are asking us to recruit pairs of individuals to participate in the Storycorps initiative. Storycorps will be in Jackson during the month of February and would like to invite pairs of people to sign up to come in and record their stories.  I have heard some of these stories on public radio and I have seen an animated version using the voices from the interviews.  If you are unfamiliar with Storycorps and would like more information before making a decision, please visit their website at:

Topics for the interview are totally flexible and up to each pair, but there are some on-going initiatives that might be possibilities for discussion:

  • Historias (Latino/Hispanic experience)
  • Griot (African-American experience)
  • OutLoud (LBGTQ experience
  • Teachers Initiative
  • Katrina Initiative
  • Work + Workers Initiative

Generally two individuals would go in together, sit and record a discussion they have based on remembrances. If you are interested please contact the MAC Folk and Traditional Arts Director Jennifer Jameson at (601) 359-6034  or