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The Four E’s

Arts Exposure Casual engagement with any art form already known, such as art in magazines, advertisements, or on radio or television. Arts Entertainment Engagement structured to produce a new experience with the arts, such as a school field trip to a museum, theater, or...
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Edutopia Articles

Edutopia is an extensive website which deals with What Works in Education through the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Several articles are germane and timely. Once on the site, the reader will find many and varied categories to pursue and peruse. Check it out here....
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MAAE Member Spotlight

MAAE Member Spotlight: MAAE Board Member Maggie Stevenson and Organizational Member Bologna Performing Arts Center (Cleveland)

Maggie Stevenson, a native of Mobile, Ala., is an up and coming leader in the fields of public media and education. With over ten years of experience in media and education, Stevenson’s professional experience encompasses educating and empowering children, youth, and adults, along with...
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