2015 Whole Schools Summer Institute Parent’s Day Advocacy Handouts

We had a great Parent’s Day at MAC’s Whole Schools Summer Institute. Below are links to the handouts from Althea Jerome’s session and the PowerPoint from Shannon Frost’s session. Both are great resources for anyone. Check it out!   Althea Jerome’s Session (pdf) Shannon...
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Edutopia Articles

Edutopia is an extensive website which deals with What Works in Education through the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Several articles are germane and timely. Once on the site, the reader will find many and varied categories to pursue and peruse. Check it out here....
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Stay Inspired

Came across this fantastic infographic regarding arts education and wanted to pass along. Stay inspired, teachers! We make a difference! And if you want to learn more about creating your own infographic, check out this article from Theatrefolk.
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