Dr. Penny Wallin, Executive Director
Dr. Penny Wallin,
Executive Director

Dear MAAE Friends,

It is hard to believe that it is almost time to begin a new year with MAAE. Looking back over the past year, this has been a very productive time with fresh possibilities coupled with renewed commitment. Please allow me to share with you my reflection after months of the Kennedy Center Coaching Opportunity which impacted me and our organization this year.I believe it captures the direction for the 2014-2015 year.

“After assessing needs and expectations, each coaching session used that foundation as both a grounding and springboard for dialogue, current status, and future possibilities. The Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE) has benefited greatly from the coaching guidance that provided pragmatic strategies to move the organization forward. That mindset of ‘thinking outside the box’ will continue with gusto! The enthusiasm through Coaching has had a ripple effect on the organization, setting into motion new growth, increase in funds, and leadership/volunteer board member strategies. [The ESC Coach] invited me to network and learn from and with her by listening, knowing, and caring. In these several sessions, she equipped me with a new strength to persevere in the face of external obstacles and to remain steadfast to our passion to work diligently for arts in education for every student in Mississippi and the nation. Since the Coaching began, we have added over 50 new members…mostly young people who realize the importance of the arts in their lives. MAAE is growing and thriving!”

  • Remember that we are in the midst of fundraising projects and we need YOUR SUPPORT (see below for details):
    Indiegogo Campaign: MAAE Starfish Assignment to raise funds to send teaching artists into Mississippi Schools
  • “Why Arts?” T Shirt Project in partnership with MAAE teen member, C.J. Williams
  • Celebrating Mississippi with Greg Cartmell’s book of original landscape paintings, Mississippi Light

Hope to see you at WSI on July 16 for our Annual MAAE Arts in Education Awards Luncheon when we’ll celebrate 11 outstanding contributors to arts for and with our children in Mississippi.

Wishing you all a sunny summer,