Support the arts in your community: Show your support for the arts, education, and the creative economy at work in your community. Participation in the arts, either by seeing a show or exhibit or by donating to your local arts organizations, is the easiest and most visible way to show your support for the arts and the importance of the arts in a child’s education.

Here are some simple things YOU can do:

  • Donate to your local arts organization
  • Write an op-ed letter to your local newspaper in support of arts education
  • Participate in the arts in your community, see a show, visit a museum, or take an art class
  • Take an arts educator out to coffee to thank them for their hard work
  • If you are a teacher or school administrator, host arts events in your school

Please post what you are doing on our Facebook page, on Twitter using @MSArtsEdu #MSArtsEDU or email to  We will be sure to include some responses in our upcoming Fall Newsletter.