Da Terrence Roberts is a jali/griot, a storyteller who weaves his stories like the web of his favorite character Anansi the Spider.  Roberts is a collector of tales worldwide but is most known for his African and African American folktales. Terrence Roberts is known as “Da Story Weaver”.   In the language of the Bamanakan people of West Africa, the ancient title“Da” was one who connected his people to their past and escorted them into their future.  Terrence Roberts’ performances live up to the title “Da”.  Roberts takes his listeners back to the village square in West Africa waiting for the Anansi story for the day.  A master storyteller who draws both children and adults into his web with his animated and interactive style, “Da Story Weaver” causes both to spontaneously burst out with laughter or jump with surprise at a ghost story.  Roberts works for schools, libraries, festivals, churches, community groups and special events. He has been on the Mississippi Arts Commission Teaching Artist Roster and is a Board  member of the Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education.