Heather LaCoste, creative movement teaching artist, has been captivated by dance since she was three years old and has become a master arts integration teaching artist. A product of the Meridian Public School District (MPSD), homeschooling, Meridian Community College and Mississippi State University, she’s always felt a sense of indebtedness to the community that helped shape her.  In 2009, she married Christopher “Chase” LaCoste- a commercial construction contractor from Livingston, AL.  Together, they have one daughter, Stella Kate LaCoste.  LaCoste has served in the Meridian Public School District (MPSD) and Lauderdale Country School District (LCSD) as a special education teacher, academic interventionist, student services coordinator, and teaching artist in creative movement.  She earned her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Mississippi State University in 2014, her Education Specialist degree in Instructional Leadership from William Carey University in 2017, and is currently completing her Belhaven University’s Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership at Belhaven University. Heather serves on the Any Given Child Meridian (AGCM) Community Arts Team (CAT) Research Committee with the Kennedy Center, and has dedicated herself to initiating equity and access to ballet and all forms of dance in her community.