Jerry Jenkins is a performance artist of West African djembe drum ensemble, which involves the use of the traditional instruments, rhythms, and stories of the Malinke people of West Africa. As a teaching artist, drumming and musical rhythms are used to teach literacy skills, poetry, and creative writing to students. Jenkins facilitates classroom curriculum learning and teacher workshops that incorporate music, story- telling, visual arts and character education to connect with common core standards and best practices in the classroom environment.  His Curriculum Learning through Music uses music as a catalyst for learning. He uses Rhythms and stories of West Africa to encourage self-awareness,             citizenship and character development, while students make math and social studies connection through African drumming. Jenkins facilitates poetry writing/reciting/rhythmic workshops as a form of expression and as a way to evoke storytelling, stimulate communication, engage students and enhance the learning experience with a focus on students as individual learners.